Taylor Swift Has Pocketed $102m From Songs On Ex-Boyfriends

14-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift has cultivated one of the most successful pop careers in history, thanks in no small part to a succession of heartbreaks that have fuelled her songwriting.

Her cult following of ‘Swifties’ have speculated that should she break up with current Kansas City Chiefs boyfriend Travis Kelce, the resulting album would be her best yet.

Until that day comes, topoffshoresportsbooks.com have instead flicked through her catalogue of past partners to see which of her breakups boosted her streaming revenue the most.

Using data from YouTube and Spotify, we have calculated that Swift has earned a total of $102m from songs inspired by ex-boyfriends.

Taylor Swift Pocketed Most Revenue From Ex Joe Alwyn In Her Career $46m On Streaming

Joe Alwyn, with whom Swift shared a six-year relationship with until their breakup in 2023, has proven the biggest money maker for her career.

This is largely down to the length of their relationship, but the notable success of songs inspired by Alwyns – which includes ‘Lover’, ‘Delicate’ and ‘Ready For It’ – means direct revenue from their breakup totals $46,124,739.

Below is the full list of her 10 public boyfriends to date since launching her career, and how much songs inspired by them have made in revenue.

Harry Styles Ranked Second Despite Making Taylor $22m From Just Two Month Fling

It really is a ‘take your pick’ of who the most famous boyfriend on the list is, but Harry Styles had perhaps the strongest effect on Swift’s career.

Despite enjoying a modest two month fling with Styles, the British popstar was the catalyst for nearly half the amount of revenue as Joe Alwyn – a partner she was with for six years.


Head of News Lee Astley responded to the data, saying: “Legions strong of ‘Swifties’ and newly-recruited NFL fans will no doubt be listening intently, if and when Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship comes to an end.

“Her romantic involvements down the years have earned her over $100m in YouTube and Spotify revenue alone, and she is not afraid to use public scrutiny in her favour.

“This of course usually means she comes out on top while her exes are forced to listen to songs about themselves.”

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