What Does 1+ Mean in Betting? – 1+ Bets Explained

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This type of wager is when you bet on one or more of something happening in a sports event, such as one or more passing touchdowns, for example. We’re going to take a deep dive into the topic of what does 1+ mean in betting, so that you fully understand how it works and can confidently place such bets yourself.

How Does 1+ in Betting Work?

These type of betting markets can be classified as props bets. ‘Props’ is short for proposition. A proposition is stated and generally you have to bet on whether it will happen or not, on a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ basis.

In this instance the proposition centres on a certain statistic in a sporting event and you have to bet on whether there will be one or more of them.

The details will depend on the sport in question. In a football game, you might bet on whether there will be one or more rushing touchdowns. When betting on soccer, this allows you to wager on whether there will be one or more penalties awarded. Other stats like corners, shots on target and yellow cards are also popular.

Through boxing betting sites, you might wager on if there will be one or more knockdowns in a fight. With tennis, the bet may be one or more aces in an individual game.

These sort of wagers are popular on offshore sportsbooks with bettors. Most sports can be broken down into a number of different statistics. This allows oddsmakers to dream up a variety of 1+ betting markets, focused on individual and team performance.

Props bets are very popular across the world, but it’s particularly true of American sports betting. US sports tend to be statistically rich, creating plenty of opportunity for this type of bets. This sort of wager can relate to the overall game, a certain team, or as a player prop.

Popular 1+ Bets

To better explain what does 1+ mean in betting, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular types of this bet that are available at online sportsbooks.

What Does 1+ Touchdown Mean in Betting?

Going back to the 1921 football season, the average amount of touchdowns scored per game, sits around the 2.3 mark.

As you can therefore imagine, if you were to bet on there being 1+ touchdowns scored over the course of an entire game, the potential winnings would be small. Bettors are generally looking for bigger odds where they don’t have to risk a large stake.

Fortunately, the average football game creates a plethora of opportunities for 1+ TD betting. If you bet on 1+ touchdown in a specific quarter or half of a game, the odds types on offer will naturally be more attractive.

You can also bet on specific types of touchdowns being scored, such as passing touchdowns or rushing touchdowns. There are 1+ passing touchdowns betting specials available, with an example demonstrated below.

When it comes to individual players, anytime touchdown scorer is effectively a 1+ market. If a player scores one or more touchdowns in a game, at any time during a game.

What Does 1+ Field Goal Mean in Betting?

Like touchdowns, the amount of field goals scored in the average football game means that the odds for 1+ field goals in a single match, would be pretty low.

Again, there is the potential to be more specific. There is quarter and half betting available that gives more attractive betting odds.

There are also specials available, like being able to bet on every team playing at a certain time across multiple games, all scoring field goals.

An incredibly popular bet sees touchdowns and field goal stats combined. You can wager on each team to score 1+ touchdown and 1+ field goal, with various combinations available that relate to either the whole game or halves. An example is shown below.

You will also be able to find player props bets that relate to field goals.

What Does 1+ Hits Mean in Betting?

Baseball is another sport which is rich in statistical data, that creates the potential of lots of betting opportunities. One example is hits. A hit is when a batter strikes the ball and at least reaches first base.

When it comes to 1+ hits baseball betting, you can bet on individual players to score a hit. It might be expressed as ‘over 0.5 hits’, or ‘to score a hit’, but effectively you are betting on a player to score one or more hit during the game in question.

There are often also baseball odds available for individual players to score 2+ hits, 3+ hits and so on.

Then there are popular totals bet options for hits. These include the total number of hits accumulated by the two teams and which team will score the most hits.

1+ Betting Same Game Parlays

As we mentioned earlier, each team to score 1+ touchdown and 1+ field goal is a popular bet in football.

This type of bet is a parlay, which combines two or more bets together to make one wager. Every part of the parlay needs to be successful for this type of bet to win.

To be more specific, it’s a same game parlay, with both of the sports bets in question, occurring within the same game. Sometimes these are pre-selected and made available by the sportsbook, such as with the example below, which features parlays that include some 1+ wagers.

Many online sports betting sites also provide the facility for bettors to create their own same game parlays. So if you weren’t impressed with the moneyline odds for example, you could add a 1+ bet to boost the price of the initial wager.

Working out the accumulated odds for bets within the same game is notoriously tough. For the average bettor it would be impossible, particularly with American betting odds, which are the most difficult odds format with which to calculate parlays.

A same game parlay tool effortlessly calculates multiple bets from within the same game, regardless of what type of betting odds you prefer.

Pros & Cons of a 1+ Bet Explained

In order to fully explore the question of what does 1+ mean in betting, it is necessary to weigh up both the advantages and disadvantages.


  • 1+ bets are often decided quickly
  • Make good additions to same-game parlays for a bigger potential payout
  • Lots of statistical data available to make an informed bet
  • Available for a variety of different sports and statistical occurrences


  • Type of bet that generally requires some research
  • One of the more niche bets in sports betting so not available at every bookie

What Does 1+ Mean in Betting Strategy? – Our Top Tips

By now you may well wish to place such a wager on sports yourself. Before you do, make sure that you follow these betting strategies that will increase your profitability.

Research Heavily

When wagering on a 1+ market it is important to do your research thoroughly.

If betting on a baseball player to score 1+ hits, you need to look into aspects such as their form, the form of the opposition pitchers, the batter’s record against those pitchers, as well as elements such as the weather forecast and team selection news.

By arming yourself with information, you stand a better chance of finding a value bet at the type of odds that will get you excited.

Find Value

So what is a value bet? Put simply, it’s when the odds are bigger than they really should be, based on the true probability of the bet winning. When you do the sort of detailed research that we’ve outlined above, spotting such instances will be easier.

When examining sports betting odds, there is a temptation to only consider large prices to have any value, but smaller odds can also provide value if they really should be shorter still. With any 1+ wager you make, you should be considering if it provides expected value, which is the probability gap between your expectations and that of the sportsbook.

Add to Parlays

Sometimes you really want to bet on the moneyline, but the odds aren’t that appealing. In such an instance, combining that bet with a 1+ wager in a same game parlay, could be a good way of boosting the overall odds to an acceptable level.

Short-priced wagers can come together to form a greater whole, particularly if you select bets which are at odds with one another. Say you backed a certain baseball team to win.

If you combined that bet with an opposition player to score 1+ hits, it would generate a bigger price than if you combined it with a player from the winning team to score a hit.

Treat Specials Cautiously

Sports betting sites love to put complicated specials together that combine a large number of bets together. They often have huge odds which are tempting for bettors. Yet odds are normally large for the reason that the bet is unlikely to win.

You often see such specials based around the 1+ touchdown bet meaning that a number of teams playing at the same time, must all score a touchdown or a certain type of touchdown. There’s no harm in placing a small wager on such a special as a fun bet, but it shouldn’t be taken any more seriously.


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