What is a Same Game Parlay? – SGP Betting Explained

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Often abbreviated to SGP, a same game parlay is a type of multi-leg wager that are combined together from the same sports event. We’re going to explore the question of what is a same game parlay, so you fully understand how they work and can confidently place one yourself.

How Does Same Game Parlay Work?

Normal parlay bets allow you to group together a number of selections from different sporting events, to form one overall bet. If you have a parlay with four selections, all four legs must win for the overall parlay bet to be successful.

A same-game parlay bet works in the same way, except for one crucial distinction. As the name suggests, it is a parlay built from selections from within the same game, or sporting event.

This is a feature that that betting industry took a long time to crack. While a regular parlay is simple to calculate, a same game parlay is more complicated, due to a factor known as related contingency.

Let’s show you a couple of examples that will highlight the differences between a normal parlay and a same game parlay.

Standard Parlay Example

Here’s a regular four-leg parlay with selections from across different NBA games.

  • Boston Celtics -10.5 vs. Atlanta Hawks @ -110
  • Cleveland Cavaliers -5.5 vs. New York Knicks @ -110
  • LA Lakers vs. Memphis Grizzlies – over 226.5 points @ -110
  • Miami Heat vs. Milwaukee Bucks – under 222.5 points @ -110

The easiest way to calculate a parlay is to convert the prices to decimal odds and to multiply them together. With -110 translating to decimal odds of 1.91, we are looking at the following calculation.

1.91 v 1.91 x 1.91 v 1.91 = 13.3

This means that a $1 bet on this parlay would return $13.30 if all four of the picks won.

SGP Example

Now let’s take a look at a same game parlay example. Our SGP comes from the NBA game between Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks and features four bets from that contest, which are as follows.

  • Boston Celtics -10.5 vs. Atlanta Hawks @ -110
  • Over 230.5 points @ -110
  • Jaylen Brown – over 27.5 points @ -110
  • Derrick White – over 4.5 assists @ -110

You’ll see from our example that we have chosen selections at the same betting odds as was the case with the normal parlay. We know that four bets at -110 each will result in a parlay at accumulated decimal odds of 13.3.

Yet with single game parlays it’s a little more complicated than just multiplying the odds. That’s because of the factor that we mentioned earlier, called related contingency.

The bets that we have chosen have a relation to one another. We have backed Jaylen Brown to score over 27.5 points, which in turn makes our bet for over 230.5 more likely to land. If Brown’s Celtics’ teammate Derrick White reaches his assists target, it in turn makes it more likely that Brown will beat his points threshold.

With both White and Brown playing for the Celtics, their individual success makes it likelier that the Celtics will overcome the spread, which we’ve also bet on.

You can see how these four bets may relate to each other and that has to be factored into the odds offered by the sportsbook. So rather than odds of 13.3, a more realistic price for an SGP like this, might be somewhere between 9.00 and 10.00.

SGP Betting By Sport

To better understand same game parlay meaning, we’re going to take you through some examples of how it works on top offshore sportsbooks  in the major leagues beloved by American bettors.

NBA Same Game Parlay

SGP basketball bets have become extremely popular. It is a sport where bettors are spoilt for choice when it comes to player props, making it suited to SGPs. Here’s an example.

NBA same game parlay

With this NBA SGP, we have started with the New York Knicks +2.5 on the spread, against Miami Heat. To that we’ve added Jalen Brunson of the Knicks to assist five times or more and then for Jimmy Brunson of the Heat to steal two times or more. It creates a parlay with odds of +450.

NFL Same Game Parlay

SGP football bets are also hugely popular. Bettors have so many prop choices in any football game. They can combine bets involving touchdown scorers, passing yards, rushing yards, or field goals, along with many other options. Here’s an example.

NFL same game parlay

This NFL SGP starts with the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the Baltimore Ravens at -145 on the moneyline. We’ve combined it with over 46.5 points at -110, to make a simple double. These two favorites combine to create odds of +223, so you can see this is the sort of solid base from which you can add further selections such as touchdown scorers, which would further boost the odds.

MLB Same Game Parlay

Baseball is a sport rich in numerical statistics. It’s therefore no surprise that there are a deep range of lines and individual props available, giving plenty of opportunities to craft a creative MLB SGP.

MLB same game parlay

You’ll see from this example that we’ve created an ambitious SGP, from a game between the Arizona Simaondbacks and the St Louis Cardinals. We’ve gone for the Cardinals on the moneyline, over 7.5 runs, Paul Goldschmidt of the Cardinals to score a home run and the first innings score to be 0-0. They combine to create odds of +2429.

NHL Same Game Parlay

Hockey is not such a high scoring sport as some of those that we’ve mentioned, but there remains plenty of statistical elements to create lines and props. That in turn gives is lots of scope to make our own multi-leg wagers on a single hockey game.

NHL same game parlay

In this example, we’ve made an SGP containing three picks. In this game between the Edmonton Oilers and the Florida Panthers, we’ve picked the Oilers to win at -108. We’ve then added the tie on the three-way moneyline for the first period at +137 and Zach Hyman of the Oilers to score at +120. They come together to give us odds of +775.

SGP vs Parlay Explained

As we’ve mentioned, there is a difference between a same game parlay and a standard parlay. With an SGP, the various legs of the wager can relate to one another, impacting the odds.

This is not the case with say, a regular three-leg parlay, where the three picks are from entirely different sporting events. A standard parlay has the advantage of the odds of the various picks, not being impacted by each other, so they can simply be multiplied.

Yet there is a flip-side to that coin. The fact that the picks in an SGP are related, can make them likelier to collectively land, than would be the case of selections at the same price, from a normal parlay.

This is reflected in the odds of course, but we all know that it only takes one leg to go wrong for the entire wager to lose, in any kind of parlay. The rewards may be greater with a traditional parlay, but so too are the risks.

Pros & Cons of Same Game Parlay Betting

No exploration of what is a same game parlay would be complete without looking at both the pros and cons of this type of bet.


  • Great way for a sports bettor to add extra value to uninspiring lines
  • Possible to create a fun low-stakes bet at high odds
  • Sportsbooks have lots of prop bets options which can be added to a SGP
  • Some bookies provide pre-prepared same game parlay options with boosted odds
  • Ability to try out alternate totals options to see how it impacts the odds


  • Standard parlays are not hampered by related contingency
  • Temptation to add more bets to secure a larger payout can be self-defeating

SGP Bet Bonuses

Sportsbooks have hit gold with the SGP meaning betting brands are now producing innovative types of promotion, based around this exciting wager. Here are some examples.

  • SGP Bet & Get Deals – With this kind of bonus, you place a bet to get a reward. So you would be tasked with placing an SGP wager at a certain minimum stakes and odds to qualify. Once settled, you’d get some kind of bonus payment or free bet.
  • SGP Boosts – This type of deal gives your same-game parlay odds a boost. So for example, whatever the odds of your SGP, a bookie might give those odds a 10% boost.
  • SGP Insurance – Perhaps the most useful of any type of SGP bonus. If only one of your selections is a loser, then your stake is returned, generally in the form of a free bet.

What is a Same Game Parlay Strategy That Works?

Now that you understand SGP betting meaning, you be considering placing such a wager yourself. Before you do, consider these strategies for same game parlays, which will boost your profitability.

Know When to Use an SGP Wager

Just because there is the option to place an SGP at online sportsbooks, doesn’t mean that you always should. If for example, you thought the odds on the moneyline represented good value, why complicate matters by adding extra picks?

If the odds were not quite to your liking, then it might make sense to add further selections. Pick and choose your moments.

Create SGP Bets That Contain Conflict

We’ve talked about how correlated wagers can impact odds in a negative manner with SGPs. They can also impact them positively. If you choose selections that relate to one another, but make the chances of a pick being less likely to win, then the odds will increase.

Let’s use betting on a soccer game as an example. If you bet on both teams to score, it will make over 3.5 goals more likely to win, negatively impacting the collected odds.

Yet if you combined under 3.5 goals with both teams to score, it would positively impact the collected odds. Create conflict between your picks and reap the rewards.

Keep Stakes Low For Fun Bets

You can add lots of picks together in an SGP to create a large potential payout. That can make for a really fun bet, where you’re ticking off the various legs as they come in during an event.

Yet it’s important to remember that if a bet has big odds, it’s for a reason. The larger the odds, the less likely the bet is to win. So keep the stakes low in such a circumstance.

Look Out For Expert Parlay Betting Picks

Many major sportsbooks have tips sections where expert handicappers give betting advice. Due to the popularity of these bet types, you’ll often find SGP tips in amongst the mix.

If you can find a reliable tipster who consistently delivers profits, then it will pay to follow their advice. You’ll also get an insight into how betting experts make their selections, which will add to your betting education.

Let the Sportsbook do the Heavy Lifting

Many bookmakers have pre-selected SGPs for major sporting events. The bookies know from experience the type of parlay picks that bettors like to group together, so they can curate the type of SGP that they know will appeal. Choosing one of these options can be a time-saver and they can sometimes come with an extra odds boost attached.


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