What is NRFI Betting? – NRFI Bets Today Explained

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Updated: 08:27 am EST, 02/07/2024

NRFI is an acronym used in baseball that stands for ‘no runs first innings’. You can bet on whether or not any runs will be scored in the first innings of a game. We’re going to explore the topic of what is NRFI betting so that you understand how this type of wager works.

How Do NRFI Bets Work?

NRFI is a popular bet for baseball fans. It is a wager that makes that first inning in baseball extremely exciting. Baseball is a sport where the games can start slowly and this market makes a virtue of that fact.

You are wagering on whether there will be any runs in the first innings with a NRFI bet meaning that there are two options – Yes or No.

Bet ‘No’ to make an NRFI wager and you are banking on neither team scoring a run and that the 1st inning score will be 0-0.

It’s a type of bet where you run the risk of losing your stake very quickly, but where you can also secure a potential payout within 30 minutes or so.

Example Of an NRFI Bet

To better explain NRFI meaning, we’re going to show you an example. Take a look at the screenshot from BetOnline below.

You can see a market titled ‘Will there be a score in 1st innings’. If you want to place a NRFI bet then you have to click on the ‘No’ option at odds of +102.

‘No’ is the underdog in the market. If you bet $100 at betting odds of +102 you can win $102.

In order for that bet to win the two baseball teams must both fail to score a run in the first innings. If one or more runs are scored, then this NRFI wager will be a loser.

Should the score after the first innings be 0-0, then the bet is a winner.

What is YRFI?

If you’ve come here having been wondering about NRFI, then you may also want the YRFI meaning explained.

YRFL stands for ‘yes runs first innings’. It is therefore the opposite to NRFI.

With this Major League Baseball wager you are betting that there will be at least one run scored in the first innings. Let’s look at our example again, which is pictured below.

Notice that the YRFI odds are -137. The option of ‘Yes’ in the ‘Will there be a score in 1st innings’ bet, is the favorite.

The baseball odds of -137 mean that you need to bet $137 to win $100.

You’ll typically find that most YRFI bets today are the favorites. Of all innings, the first is statistically the one most likely to have the most runs.

That’s YRFI betting meaning explained. Along with NRFI, it’s one of the most common baseball bet types around at offshore sportsbooks.

Pros & Cons of NRFI Bets Today

Our deep dive into what is NRFI betting would not be complete without looking at both the pros and cons. Here are the advantages and disadvantages as we see them.


  • Lots of data available for NRFI sports betting research
  • One of the simplest inning props bets
  • Settled quickly so you can bet on other live game props
  • Available at plenty of sportsbooks


  • You can lose your stake very quickly
  • Injury, umpire decision or player error can cost you

What is NRFI Betting Strategy That Works?

Now that what is NRFI betting meaning has been explained, you may want to put this wager on yourself. Here are some NRFI betting strategies that will improve your profitability.

Study Starting Pitchers and Batters

Make sure you understand the form of the likely starting pitchers and batters. Consider elements such as the possibility of any same-handed matchups and previous clashes between the pitchers and hitters. Look at the first innings stats of the key players and hitters.

Keep Up With the News

Team news is a must when placing this sort of bet. You need to have a strong idea of who will be hitting and pitching. Keep an eye on injuries and games in which a coach might rest players. Also consider the location and any weather conditions that could impact the proceedings.

Crunch Relevant Stats

You can easily find stats that are relevant to betting on baseball. YFRI stats will show you how often each MLB teams scores a run in the first innings. You can break down that information to see how they have been performing in that area across more recent games and their home and away records.

Notice Streaks

In 2024 the Toronto Blue Jays went on a record-breaking run in which they failed to score a first innings run. Keep an eye out for such streaks and weigh them up against the available odds on betting markets for NRFI. Remember that streaks are notable for a reason and that they will eventually end. You could make money if you can predict when that will be.

Consider Alternatives

Don’t just bet on NRFI blindly. For each and every game you want to bet on, consider the merits of whether it’s likely to be a case of NRFI or YRFI. Study other first inning props to see if there are any alternatives.


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